Snowkiting Lessons Switzerland

Snowkiting is a fun and exciting sport performed during snow season. Snowkiting is a combination of kite-flying skills with snowboarding or skiing over mountains, frozen lakes and snow covered fields.

My school is Flyin’ Circus and I am professional IKO Level 3 kiteboarding instructor. Safety, fun and the satisfaction of my students is the most important. The course is for both beginners and advanced. For better quality I teach maximum 2 students at a time.

The course includes complete kite equipment, 3 hours of training with instructor (including theory). After that, if possible, you can practice on your own under instructor’s supervision and support.

You will learn about safety, wind, weather, equipment, kite control, launch and land, use the kite to ride the ski or snowboard. After you will master those skills you can learn to jump and much more.

The course will be in one of many swiss snowkite spots. Ususally we are looking first for the spots close to Luzern (Melchsee Frutt, Einsiedeln, Raten, Spirstock, Beromünster). Upon the weather, wind and snow conditions we plan the snowkiting course also in more remoted kite spots (Andermatt, Fürstein, Hochwang, Brambrüsch, Lukmanier pass, Bernina pass, ……)

Usually the students can get first ride already the 1st day. To become independent snowkiter takes approx. 3 days.

  • Snowkiting lessons
  • Privat snowkiting lessons – max. 2 students/ instructor

  • Professional yet personal approach

  • High level international certified IKO instructor Level 3

  • Multiple languages – english, german, czech

  • Choosing the right training spot upon the weather conditions

  • Don’t pay if the kite can’t fly

  • Flexible planning upon your possibilities and the weather conditions

  • Best price for privat lessons

Flyin circus kitesurfing, snowkiting, snowboarding lessons

1 Day snowkiting course

CHF26000 person
  • 1 student

2 Days snowkiting course

  • 1 student

3 Days snowkiting course

  • 1 student

4 Days snowkiting course

  • 1 student

5 Days snowkiting course

  • 1 student

1 Day snowkiting course

CHF23000 person
  • 2 students

2 Days snowkiting course

  • 2 students

3 Days snowkiting course

  • 2 students

4 Days snowkiting course

  • 2 students

5 Days snowkiting course

  • 2 students

Complete kite equipment (kites, harness), 3 hours per day of training with instructor (including theory).

After the training, you can use the equipment for the rest of a day for practicing with the instructor support (if the instructor allows you!!!)

Does not include:
Ski or snowboard equipment, helmet, insurance, accommodation, transportation, lifts, food and drinks.

We can discuss the transportation and go together in 1 car.

Flyin circus kitesurfing, snowkiting, snowboarding lessons

Why to Choose Us

  • Many years experiences as kiteboarding (kitesurfing, snowkiting) instructor in Sicily – Lo Stagnone, Switzerland and around the whole globe
  • International cerified IKO Level 3 Kitesurfing Instructor
  • Over 20 years experience as snowboarding instructor also in Swiss snowboarding school
  • Snowboarding instructor certified by SSBS – Methodic Modul (Swiss snow jobs and school association)
  • Connected directly to kiteboarding brands, pro riders, kite centers
  • Over 20 years experience as instructor
  • Multi lingual – english, german, czech
  • Absolut customer oriented – background in hospitality industry

What our clients say

Course w/ Iggy (Flyin’CircusKiteboarding) @ KiteSeason spot, Sicily

The spot is located by the shallow but large lagoon near Trapani (Sicily, IT) so there was no deep water what’s a great option for beginners. The spot was well equipted by latest kites, boards and everything you need for the kiting. Everybody would have a great background there. Iggy is a pro instructor with, the whole course he had smile on his face and calmly interacted in every situation. He explained everything and learning from him was easy-to-follow. I did a great progress and started to ride within the first day of the course. The second day was about riding, upwind riding and turning.

I would give more than 5 stars if i could

I had an amazing kite experience and every single day I made an improvement – not because i would be talented, but because Iggy is a great kite instructor – he was always willing to answer any questions I had and his optimism kept me going even if I felt it wouldn’t be possible. The whole course was led very professionally with an emphasis on safety and also the overall atmosphere was always relaxed and fun. I admire the patience Iggy had with me and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to learn kiteboarding in no time.

kite course in Lo Stagnone Sicily

From scratch to level 3, I made a big progress in one week, with instructor Iggy. Teaching in English was perfect.

Lo Stagnone / Kiteseason center – excellent location, excellent team of instructors
I have particiated kite course at Sicilia with Kiteseason kiteschool. They provided excelent service and transfer of knoledge from instructur to me, that I was kiting second day. I would like to return soon for fun and to enjoy new knowledge.
Fantastic, professional

The course was done with very friendly and professional approach. My instructor was very nice and pationed, what allowed me to progress pretty fast. I really enjoyed very much and would recommend Iggy and the whole team to everyone. Great experience. Thank you. Martin

Martin Kiaba