Snowkiting Lessons Switzerland

Bernina pass, Silvaplana, St. Moritz in Engadin

Snowkiting is an exciting and thrilling winter sport that combines kite-flying with snowboarding or skiing across mountains, frozen lakes, and snow-covered fields.

At Flyin’ Circus, we are professional kiteboarding instructors with over 10 years of experience. Safety, fun, and student satisfaction are our top priorities. Our courses are suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners.

In 2022, Flyin’ Circus underwent a major transformation to become a professional and well-equipped snowkiting school, located at the Bernina Pass in Engadin, Switzerland – one of the best snowkiting spots in the region, just a short distance from St. Moritz.

We offer daily snowkiting lessons, support for snowkiters, kite equipment rental and sales, and a snowkite base complete with a weather station, webcam, seating, storage, toilet, and parking directly at the Bernina Pass snowkite spot.

Our beginner course includes all necessary kite equipment and three hours of training with an instructor, including theory. On the second and third days, students can practice under the supervision and support of the instructor using walkie talkies.

During the course, you will learn about safety, wind, weather, equipment, kite control, launching and landing, and using the kite to ride a ski or snowboard. Once you have mastered these skills, you can move on to advanced techniques such as riding uphill, jumping, and more.

The snowkiting course will take place at Bernina Pass, Silvaplana, or any other suitable snowkiting spot depending on weather and wind conditions. Most students are able to have their first ride on the first day of the course, and it typically takes about three days to become an independent snowkiter.

  • Snowkiting lessons
  • Lessons and courses for beginners, intermediate and transitioning from kitesurfing

  • Experienced and qualified kite instructors

  • Well-equipped facilities at Bernina Pass

  • Wide selection of new kite equipment

  • Professional and personalized approach

  • Training in small group of max. 4 students per instructor equipped by radios

  • Able to choose the best training spot based on weather conditions

  • In case of low wind the training takes place in higher areas, Hike & Snowkite Tour

  • Flexible planning upon your possibilities and the weather conditions

  • Fair prices for high-quality services

  • Can organize company events and outings

  • Fluent in multiple languages (English, German, Czech, Russian)

We offer something for everyone. For newcomers we recommend a 2-3 day course and for those who have already tried or come from the water there is a shortened “transition course”. Our beginner snowkiting course includes complete kite equipment (kites and harnesses) and three hours of training per day with an instructor, including theory. After the training, you will have the opportunity to continue practicing with instructor support for the remainder of the day (pending instructor approval).

Please note that ski or snowboard equipment, helmets, insurance, accommodation, transportation, lift passes, food, and drinks are not included in the course fee. These items will need to be provided or purchased separately.

Flyin circus kitesurfing, snowkiting, snowboarding lessons
Flyin circus kitesurfing, snowkiting, snowboarding lessons

Beginner course

CHF290 Day 1
  • (Theory, material knowledge, flight exercises, first driving tests, free driving, radio support) – prices per person
  • Day 2 + 150 – 220 CHF
  • Day 3 + 120 – 150 CHF
  • Backcountry option + 220 – 300 CHF
  • Groups on request + from 250 CHF

Transition course

CHF250 Day 1
  • (Theory, set-up/packing techniques, tips & tricks) – prices per person
  • Day 2 + 120 – 180 CHF
  • Day 3 + 80 – 120 CHF
  • Backcountry option + 220 – 300 CHF
  • Groups on request + from 180 CHF


We have always new equipment

Up to 2 hours

Borrow something spontaneously from our pool

Per Day

Secure your material for the day (registration!)

Kite & Bar 50 CHF 80 CHF
Kite, Bar & Harness 90 CHF 120 CHF
Ski/Snowboard equipment on request on request
Helmet on request 10 CHF
Snowshoes on request 20 CHF
Wing 50 CHF 80 CHF
Flyin circus kitesurfing, snowkiting, snowboarding lessons

Why to Choose Us

  • Experienced and qualified kite & snowboard instructors (International IKO, Swiss SSBS)
  • Professional and personalized approach
  • 28 years snowboarding experience
  • 13 years kiteboarding experience
  • Fair prices for high-quality services
  • Best teaching spots
  • Fluent in multiple languages (English, German, Czech)
  • Absolutely customer oriented

What our clients say

Course w/ Iggy (Flyin’CircusKiteboarding) @ KiteSeason spot, Sicily

The spot is located by the shallow but large lagoon near Trapani (Sicily, IT) so there was no deep water what’s a great option for beginners. The spot was well equipted by latest kites, boards and everything you need for the kiting. Everybody would have a great background there. Iggy is a pro instructor with, the whole course he had smile on his face and calmly interacted in every situation. He explained everything and learning from him was easy-to-follow. I did a great progress and started to ride within the first day of the course. The second day was about riding, upwind riding and turning.

I would give more than 5 stars if i could

I had an amazing kite experience and every single day I made an improvement – not because i would be talented, but because Iggy is a great kite instructor – he was always willing to answer any questions I had and his optimism kept me going even if I felt it wouldn’t be possible. The whole course was led very professionally with an emphasis on safety and also the overall atmosphere was always relaxed and fun. I admire the patience Iggy had with me and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to learn kiteboarding in no time.

kite course in Lo Stagnone Sicily

From scratch to level 3, I made a big progress in one week, with instructor Iggy. Teaching in English was perfect.

Lo Stagnone / Kiteseason center – excellent location, excellent team of instructors
I have particiated kite course at Sicilia with Kiteseason kiteschool. They provided excelent service and transfer of knoledge from instructur to me, that I was kiting second day. I would like to return soon for fun and to enjoy new knowledge.
Fantastic, professional

The course was done with very friendly and professional approach. My instructor was very nice and pationed, what allowed me to progress pretty fast. I really enjoyed very much and would recommend Iggy and the whole team to everyone. Great experience. Thank you. Martin

Martin Kiaba