Kitesurfing School Iggy

Welcome To Flyin’ Circus

Iggy is the founder of Flyin’ Circus, a kitesurfing school that he started in 2010 while living on Hainan Island in China. Since then, he has taught a variety of watersports and snow sports, including kitesurfing, surfing, stand-up paddling, snowboarding, and snowkiting in locations around the world, including China, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Europe. Currently, Iggy focuses on teaching in Switzerland. He is an IKO Level 3 International Kiteboarding Instructor and a Swiss Snowboarding Instructor with 28 years of experience snowboarding and 13 years of experience kiteboarding. This year, Flyin’ Circus has moved to St. Moritz in the Engadin region and merged with Bigdayz, a renowned Swiss snowkite school in the Bernina pass.

My Crazy Skills

IKO Kiteboarding lessons 100%
Snowboarding lessons 100%
SUP lessons 100%
Trips 100%
Equipment sale 100%

Who Is Flyin’ Circus

I would love to share my knowledge and experiences to help you learn kitesurfing, snowkiting, snowboarding or stand up paddling in a fun, safe and easy way!

Flyin’ Circus is proud to be the distributor of the top quality kite boards from Future Kiting. Future Kiting is a Czech company producing in Europe the best quality kite boards. Feel free to schedule a testing ride with us before your purchase. If you would like to sell Future boards, please contact us and I will get back to you with the best offer.

If you would like to add your kite center into our portfolio please contact me.